Membership Terms & Conditions


  • Kilcoy Golf Club is committed to safeguarding the privacy of the personal information you supply when joining a membership. 
  • Kilcoy Golf Club will use this personal information to process your membership application and will not be able to provide you a membership or access to facilities or services if you do not supply the required information.
  • Kilcoy Golf Club may also use your personal information for related purposes or for direct marketing communications with you. If you wish not to receive marketing please contact the club to unsubscribe from this service.
  • Once you have purchased a membership through our websites online joining process, your membership goes into a ‘pending approval’ status. Your membership is reviewed within 5 days and should everything be approved you will be sent confirmation shortly after.
  • During the 5 day application process you will have access to the golf course on a complimentary basis and full access to the Clubhouse facilities. For golf round bookings please contact the golf club on (07) 5405 5705
  • Once your membership has been approved you will be issued with login privileges to our website and will have access to make social and competition bookings online.
  • If your membership is accepted you will agree to the Rules and Regulations set out by the club.
  • Your membership also includes your Affiliation Fee (Golflink Fee, Insurance Fee, Mi Club Member Access Fee). 
  • Once you have logged in you can access all your social booking information from your very own members dashboard. 
  • Any questions regarding an online booking, can be made by contacting the Kilcoy Golf Club on (07) 5405 5705
  • Kilcoy Golf Club reserves the right to alter tee times without notice due to circumstances outside of Kilcoy Golf Club’s control. (E.g. natural disaster, slow play).
  • Kilcoy Golf Club accepts no liability or responsibility for cancellations, inclusive of travel, accommodation or other expenses incurred by you or any other person in connection with the cancelled booking.
  • Kilcoy Golf Club is not liable for any physical injury or death during a round of golf. To view Club Constitution


Accepted Mens Attire:

  • T-Shirt or Collared Shirt, Pants or Jeans, Shorts (no board shorts allowed), Covered footwear
  • If playing in competition, Men must wear a collared shirt

Accepted Ladies Attire:

  • T-Shirt, Collared Shirt, Sleeveless Polo, Pants or Jeans, Shorts (no board shorts allowed), Covered footwear
  • If playing in competition, Ladies must wear a collared shirt or sleeveless polo